About Etscorn Mafia

The Etscorn Mafia is a team consisting of seasoned photographers (50+ years), Internet marketers (24+ years), copywriters and graphic artists!  The “Boss” has run three darkrooms in her time and  has won photography contests for her work .  She’s also run her own Internet Marketing company since 1997!  She has now partnered with her daughter (Wisegirl) and her son (Wiseguy) whom also have won photography contests, art contests and the like.  We’re a well rounded team with YOUR project in focus.


– That would be Keli.  She’s run three darkrooms in her time and has won photo contests.  She was armed with a camera at age 9 and hasn’t looked back.  She’s run her own Internet marketing company since 1997.  You can contact her directly at boss@etscornmafia.com!


– That’s Sage! She too was armed with a camera at an early age and set loose on the world.  Sage has had her work featured on local news channels and she’s been to about every rock/death metal show out there!  Just like her mom, her first concert was Black Sabbath at age 13 and she hasn’t looked back.  Sage prefers to take pictures of bands and wildlife. One of her recent projects included the shoot of a band where her photos was used as their album cover.  Cool stuff Sage! She’s also a master of Lightroom and can perfect your photos in Photoshop/Lightroom to get that look you’re wanting to show off to the world!  She is currently enrolled in college and supporting the client’s of the Etscorn Mafia!


– That’s Seven!  Seven has won photography contests as well as art contests where he has had showings in local venues for his ceramic work.  He’s an expert level digital artist with Illustrator and Photoshop firmly under his belt.  He photography work is mostly in the realm of outdoors, landscape and wildlife.  He’s not the music-head of the bunch but can create some wicked graphics for you and write you some excellent copy that sales.  He too is in college and helps with the copywriting and digital imagery for the Etscorn Mafia clients.